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Sep 28th, 2022 - Joe Cool Radio

A blues themed show tonight! The show starts with early electric blues musicians like Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. We work our way up through the ages of blues in chronological order. Hope you enjoy!

Sep 21st, 2022 - Joe Cool Radio

Another guest in the studio tonight: My friend Jacob and his roommates! Of course we had to play September on the 21st, but the rest of the show is a great mix of chill classic rock. Keep those requests coming!

Sep 14th, 2022 - Joe Cool Radio

Forgot to save the recording for this one! Click the link above for the playlist. In the future I will also make my playlists available on Spotify!

Sep 7th, 2022 - Joe Cool Radio

Chill rock tonight with special guest James.

Aug 31st, 2022 - Joe Cool Radio

Soul and R&B theme for this epsiode. Hope you enjoy!

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